3 Options, No Gimmicks.

Don't wait another day to find out if you might become the next Instagram fitness personality. Instead, be proactive and create the life of your dreams and influence your sphere of the world for the better.

Free online course

Whether you're spending too much time on marketing without much to show, spending too much time coaching and don't have time to create online systems, or still working another job to support your coaching business, this course will guide you through the systematization of your business.

  • Section 1 - Branding: Finding Your Audience starts with Finding Yourself (origin story)
  • Section 2 - Onboarding: Immerse Your Clients into Your Brand By Digitally Delivering You
  • Section 4 - Software: Automate Everything, Deliver a Guide So Your App Replaces You
  • Section 5 - Marketing: Using Social Ads + Web Pages to Generate Leads
  • Section 6 - Sales: Improve Your Closing Strategy (and generate referrals)
  • Section 7 - Retention: It’s Easier to Keep Someone than to Sell Someone New
  • Section 8 - Content Part 1: Does Your Onboarding and Marketing Content Do Enough?
  • Section 9 - Content Part 2: Regularly Producing and Delivering Content
  • Section 10 - Hire and Scale (Repeat 1-9 with a new coach)

Too good to be true?  You're right.  We're the only online business coach in the game who coded our own software platform to deliver everything we preach in one place.

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Free online course + Content

Want to take the free course with the benefit of having professional content automatically added to your hive?  All you'll have to do is swap out the name of your business and some of the more specific details of your content and we'll do the rest!  What's included?

  • FaceBook Ads with copy
  • eBook and Webinar lead magnets
  • Fast Triggered Marketing Drip Campaign (10 emails and texts in 14 days)
  • Slow Triggered Marketing Drip Campaign (30 emails and texts in 360 days)
  • Website Upgrade
  • Packages and Pricings
  • 10 Landing Pages
  • Intake Form/Application
  • Onboarding New Member Drip Sequence (30 Total Emails and Texts in 30 days!)
  • App Walkthrough Guide
  • Community Page Content
  • Pre-built Checkin Process
  • Templates for Programs, Meal Plans, Mobility Assessments, and more!

Purchase Content Today for $749

Content easily installed into your hive and receive a customized course for easy use.

LIVE IMMERSIVE COURSE ($3000) - In this class, we will go over:


- How to properly convey the online value you offer.

- How to rebuild your avatar for the modern era.

- How to become a micro-influencer in your sphere of influence.


With an end goal of you building a book of online clients and then hiring a full-time employee who uses your system to grow your business.

Please note, this system is designed to be implemented utilizing FitHive’s all in one software platform but can also be executed by implementing a combination of 7 other platforms that will require additional setup and maintenance.


$3000 for 8 weeks of live coaching and unlimited access to our library and Playbook for life.

***Please note on your application if you'd like to submit an additional application for financial aid.

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OK, Maybe there's a 4th option:

Hire a FitHive certified business coach (BETA)

Are you looking for a "next level" business coaching experience?  Click below to browse our directory of certified business coaches, each of whom has experienced success utilizing the various FitHive features and all of whom are uniquely qualified to setup both your short and long-term systems and strategies.

This is for those looking for coaching in their niche of the industry or those looking for more of a personalized coaching experience.  Please note, certified coaches are not FitHive employees and they set their own rates and packages for business coaching.

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